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All about Ready, Set, Swim!


Why do we exist?

Ready, Set, Swim is a community-based foundation that provides swimming lessons to at-risk children and youth, including newcomers to Canada, who are among the most vulnerable to drowning.  We teach water safety to children to reduce their risk of drowning in Winnipeg’s pools and rivers and in Manitoba’s lakes.

Ready, Set, Swim was started out of a need in the community. Each year, we learn that more and more people are losing their lives to water-related deaths:

Ready, Set, Swim has been formed out of the need to get the most vulnerable groups – those who do not have access, those who are new to our country and those who simply can’t afford the price tag – into the water safely.  



Six years ago, Rishona Hyman’s Aqua Essence Swim Academy taught swimming skills to members of a Muslim Women’s group; this experience helped illuminate the need for quality, culturally sensitive, and accessible lessons for New Canadians.

Two years ago, Aqua Essence Swim Academy worked with a group of Grade 3 students in Winnipeg; prior to this exposure, only two out of the 18 children had had the “privilege” of taking swimming lessons.

Every day at the pool, the teachers of Aqua Essence Swim Academy see kids, parents and families who struggle in the water.


What do we do?

Ready, Set, Swim! Foundation teaches swimming and water safety to children, who have been referred to us by an agency, school or community organization.  We teach children 6-18 year olds in 8-week sessions, three times per year. Each participant receives lessons, a bathing suit, a towel, a swim bag, shampoo, and a snack.

Where do we teach?


City of Winnipeg pool listing coming soon!

How do we access the program?


Please download and fill out or program form here, or got to our contact us page.

Please Donate Today!

You have the ability to ensure that Ready, Set, Swim – Foundation continues to offer swimming lessons to children in your community. Please donate today!